3 Seater Sofas

3 Seater Sofas

We absolutely love our 3 seater sofas! Not as big as a four seater sofa, nor as small as two seater sofas, but well proportioned. Just right! And of course perfect for sitting, slouching or snoozing after a long day.

Our three seater sofas come in a range of beautiful designs. Whether you are looking for a relaxed loose cover sofa, a classic velvet sofa or a traditional Chesterfied inspired sofa, we have a great choice of colours and fabrics.

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That’s why a three seater sofa measuring around 2 metres in length is the perfect fit for us and our homes. Not too big to take over the living room but big enough to accommodate full prostration! And of course, if we are feeling a bit more prim and proper, it provides plenty of formal seating too for when the posh side of the family comes to visit!

Available in over 50 different designs, from contemporary to classic, in both leather and fabric, and a whole myriad of patterns and colours, there is plenty to choose from. We also have a large selection of 3 seater sofa beds, for when sleeping on top of the sofa is just not an option.

All of our 3 seater sofas are made by us in the UK and delivered direct from our factory in South Wales to your home, cutting out the retailer so you not only get a quality British Made settee but at a fraction of the High Street price.