How To Choose The Right Footstool


Discover how you can find the perfect footstool for putting up your feet, and so much more.

Often overlooked in British living spaces, footstools may seem like a non-essential piece of furniture but in addition to putting up your feet, there are many more great reasons why ottomans and pouffes make a wonderful accessory in every home.

Florence Vlvet Sofa & Velvet FootstoolFlorence 3 Seater Velvet Sofa and Florence Velvet Footstool

Why buy a footstool?

While we sometimes think footstools are a luxury item, they come in so many shapes and sizes that everyone is guaranteed to want one. And we can see why: from fabric and leather stools to small and large footstools, they serve more than one purpose.

Windsor Bench StoolWindsor Bench Stool

Large stools can provide extra seating which neatly tucks under the table or can easily be moved out the way when not in use.
They can even serve as an extra side or coffee table for the newspaper, magazines, books and, of course, your tv remote.

Now that you know how versatile and adaptable footstools can be in your daily life, let's take a look at what you need to look out for when choosing your new companion.

If you don't have much space and need your footstool to be more functional, then a storage stool is a great choice to get you organised.

Olivia Storage StoolOlivia Storage Stool

Match with your furniture

The first thing to consider is your existing furniture. What's the style of your sofa or armchair you'd like the footstool to match with? Traditional with castors or contemporary, minimalist chic?
If you have a Chesterfield leather sofa, then a classic Queen Anne leather footstool would work beautifully. If, on the other hand, you have a modern velvet sofa, then a fabric footstool upholstered in a sleek velvet design makes a great impression.

Rebecca Large Button Bench StoolRebecca Large Button Bench Stool

The next thing to consider is the size of the space you have available. Can you accommodate a large footstool and easily move around it?
For everyone who doesn't have the luxury of space, there is no reason to despair: small footstools provide just as comfy a seating area.

Small FootstoolChelsea Button Footstool / Sophia Footstool / Newport Loose Cover Footstool

Durable fabric

A footstool gets so much use that, even if you just use it to rest your feet, the fabric and design of your footstool is vital to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible.
When you are looking for a footstool make sure you check the material can withstand rubbing and the built quality is to a high standard. For example, all SofaSofa are vigorously tested to make ensure they are suitable for everyday use.
Generally, velvets, cottons and broad weave linen fabrics are the best options.

Sturdy FootstoolsFlorence Storage Stool (linen) / Mia Velvet Footstool / Albany Loose Cover Footstool (cotton)

For extra durability and longevity, loose cover footstools come with machine washable covers: just remove the footstool covers and pop them in the washing machine.

Do you have a lot of space available? Then having a pair of ottomans is a great way to create symmetry in your room - and there is no more arguing over the best spot in the living room.


Whatever size and fabric you choose for your sofa footstool, these little understated items of furniture are sure to provide comfort and a touch of colour in your home.

SofaSofa Footstools

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