Christmas Living Room: 5 Last Minute Decorating Ideas


Not yet decorated your home ready for Christmas guests? We have some amazing ideas how to make your living room look festive with a few personal touches.

Mia 4 seater velvet sofaMia 4 Seater Velvet Sofa

1. Festive feature wall

You can add a few decorations here and there, or you can go bold and create a stunning feature wall. Choose Scandi-style wallpaper with woodland design and add warm winter woods, such as a log basket or wooden tables, that will create arboreal accents and invokes the sense of Christmas traditions. This will create a Christmas display for every guest to admire.

As Creation Omega Tree Wallpaper
by | Poppy Woodland Design Footstool

2. Gold is (not only) for Christmas

From brass to industrial style, metals were on trend this year, so no need to be afraid of bling and sparkle. Golde furniture with a trendy brass coffee table can go a long way to add a touch of sophistication.
And the best is, gold is not just for the festive season but works all year round.

Austen-gold-velvet-armchair-and-brass-side-tableAusten Gold Velvet Armchair | Round Brass Side Table from cox and cox

3. Cosy accessories

We always add accessories as an afterthought, but really this is what Christmas is all about. Making your home feel more Christmasy and cosy.
That's why: layer up with extra scatter cushions and wool blankets.

For a special touch of cosiness, use candles in a traditional red and white colour scheme.

Chelsea-2-seater-velvet-sofa-and-square-candle-holderSquare Brass Candle Stand on | Chelsea 2 Seater Red Velvet Sofa

4. Greens, plenty of greens

Who could resist the smell of fresh foliage, as part of your Christmas tree or a pretty wreath.
Again, you can go bold with a green and red theme or keep it minimalist with neutral colours on walls and furniture. This will help the green stand out.

Tomos-3-seater-brown-velvet-sofa-and-green-foliageTomos 3 Seater Velvet Sofa

5. Go minimal

Another fabulous trend this year, minimalist and Nordic design can easily be incorporated into your festive decorating ideas. A few sprigs of spruce and pine cones can help lift the plain design with small details.
The subtle effect is great.

Tip: Why not put a handful of pine cones in a bowl. Pine cones work great as individual decorations for your Christmas tree and throughout your home.

Christmas-flowers-and-Blenheim-3-seater-sofaWhite Christmas Flowers on | Traditional Blenheim 3 Seater Sofa


There is still a little bit of time until Christmas but we hope with these tips you are ready to decorate your living room for the festive season.

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