How to Give Your Home the Ultimate Minimalist Look


We know what springs to mind when you hear minimalist.

Bland, monotonous and scarce.

Or for some, downright unachievable.

Well guess what?

Maybe it's because you haven’t sussed out how to work the style!

If you believe your home needs to overflow with gorgeous furnishings to look spectacular, think again.

A timeless design that provides a simplified way to live, minimalist debunks the belief that bold is better.

Although it’s colour-averse, it shows us how to have a basic home whilst incorporating style.

It focuses on function by shedding light on the most essential assets in the home, involving minimum furniture and detail.

The intention of minimalist is to provide a refreshing home experience with a spacious, neat and simplistic concept.

Read on to find out how your home can benefit from a minimalist interior, and SofaSofa will show you why less is more once and for all!


Minimalist Home with Brown Leather Sofa

(Image: Flickr)



Why Minimalism is Good for You

Many of you will be surprised to know that there is a strong relationship between your home, health, and well-being.

The lighting, space, and design of your home has a drastic impact on your mood, dominating your daily life.

Impressively, our environment affects human behaviour patterns so much that Neuro-Architecture combines the structure of the brain with the design and construction of buildings.

It influences how users function within the space, and provides psychological healing for a healthier lifestyle.


Neuro-Architecture Home

(Image: Pixabay)

Whilst many of our homes probably haven’t been built with this concept in mind, we can still improve our lives with the way we organise and design it on the inside!

Minimalist is one of those beautiful interior styles that go beyond the aesthetic, and provide plenty of psychological benefits.

Bright, airy and clean homes help increase health and happiness, and doesn’t bring on a bout of stress levels caused by cluttered and dingy homes.

Poor lighting and excessive dark hues can lead to depression and anxiety, causing negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and a feeling of isolation.



Distressed Woman in Dark Room

(Image: Pixabay)



A crowded environment can give rise to heaps of stress and a feeling of suppression.

Clutter competes for your attention with your other responsibilities, and constantly pressures you to take action, causing psychological strain, and affecting your ability to focus and process information.

Plus, cluttered homes are more prone to mess and dirt, requiring more cleaning and maintenance, and with day-to-day work and family life, you could probably do without this extra burden.



Cluttered Home

(Image: Pixabay)


A minimalist home provides more exposure to light, reducing depression and triggering happiness through boosting serotonin levels in the brain.

It provides more space in the home, making it appear larger and more welcoming - and the open and clean environment stimulates a sense of freedom.



Minimalist Black & White Home

(Image: Pexels)


We can't forget that it also makes everything easily accessible.

Nothing's more irritating than when you need something at that very instant and you can't find it, or you're forced to dive through piles of mess.

So, if you want a neat and relaxing environment with more head space, a minimalist design will work wonders in your home, and most importantly, your life!


The Characteristics of Minimalist Home

As minimalist interior is a naked-looking (yet effective) design, your home should display as less furnishings as possible to achieve the ultimate minimalist look.

Although it can be quite challenging to keep your home from looking dull, the best thing about minimalist style is that it doesn’t require much work.

Here are the key features of a minimalist style:


  • Less Furniture - You only need a few pieces of furniture, typically the most functional pieces, such as a sofa, storage and coffee table. Over-cluttering your living space with unnecessary furniture, and bulky ones too, limits the space in the home.
  • Blank walls - Walls need to be bare without too many pictures, as it will close in the room and make it look cluttered. 2-3 photos are enough for a minimalist room, or better yet, one big abstract art piece to jazz it up.
  • Bare Surfaces - All surfaces should be clear of any junk and not bombarded with furnishings to give it a clean look. Only a few statement ornaments are needed to add extra aesthetic to the space.
  • Clear floors - In order to create an illusion of a bigger space, nothing should be placed on floors apart from furniture, and if necessary, a rug, plant, or warm floor lamp to create a natural and cosy atmosphere.
  • Minimal Colours The less colours in the home, the neater and fresh the home looks. If there are too many colours going on it creates visual distraction, and makes the room appear unbalanced.
  • Simple Decor - The style of your home can be trendy, but should be humble and not too complex. If you want a minimalist home it needs to be simplistic with a refined nature, so it can be truly admired for its beauty.


Minimalist Home With Corner Sofa

(Image: Pexels)


The Best Ways to Achieve Minimalism

You probably don’t know where to begin when it comes to making your home minimalist.

And we’re not surprised!

It’s pretty hard to look around at all your belongings and decide how to minimise it, and then give your home a new makeover.

So, we’re here to help you out.


Declutter Your Home

This is the very first, and most stressful, stage in achieving a minimalist home.

We know, we know!

But just think about how beautiful your home will look after the clear-out; we promise you’ll never have clutter again!

Okay, so take a deep breath, and start decluttering your home with these tips to help get you started:


1. Put away anything that isn't in its original place.

Whether it is the book on the side that belongs on the shelf, or the stacks of bills that need to be filed, just get it out of sight!


2. Look around and throw out anything that you no longer use or isn’t important

Binning all the rubbish is only a part of decluttering.

You need to break out of your hoarding habits, and get rid of anything you no longer need or serves you no purpose, including furniture!

Whether it be for the trash, recycling, charity, or for a neighbour up the road, create separate piles and take action!


3. Go through all the cupboards, draws, compartments, piles, etc.

Again, get rid of all unwanted and unnecessary stuff.


4. Any item that doesn’t have a designated location or needs addressing later, put them in a bag for now

When you declutter, you’ll be surprised by the amount of space you create.

That’s when you’ll find space to store these other things, and your home will gradually look clearer and clearer.

Create a spot for these other objects, and deal with the items that need to be used, fixed, restored, etc. to put it away as soon as possible.

Make sure to clean-out your home room by room and section by section, to break the hard work into manageable chunks.

You’ll be relieved by the stress, and feel a great sense of control and accomplishment once you declutter your home.


Woman with hands behind her head

(Image: Pixabay)


Colour Scheme/Palette

With a minimalist design, there is generally 2-3 subdued hues, such as light greys, creams and whites, to simplify the home.

The neutral colour scheme opens and brightens the home, and absorbs natural light.

Here are a few examples of colours used in minimalist design:




Bright White ColourPantone Cloud DancerJet Stream Colour



Of course you want to create a stunning visual story whilst keeping your decor minimal and basic.

So, to avoid a monotonous tone, add a pop of bold colour to the room.

Whether it be a cold colour or warm colour, the neutral colour scheme will make it stand out regardless, so don’t worry too much about what colour to choose.

However, colour does inspire emotion, and has a profound effect on your mood, so think about what type of ambience you want to set in your home.

For example, blue hues create a relaxing environment and calms the mind, whereas yellowish tones set an optimistic atmosphere, arousing feelings of positivity.

But if you really want to bring a wow-factor to your room, a hue from a bright colour palette, such as a vibrant orange, yellow or red will change the dynamic of the room immensely.



Tangerine Tango Colour

Blue Atoll Colour

Lime Punch

vibrant yellow


You can add a burst of colour with wallpaper or by painting one wall a feature colour to give the room a dramatic focal point.

As long as it is a contrasting colour or darker tone than the rest of the walls it will infuse life and interest.

If you’re someone who loves to change your furnishings now and again, perhaps you should stick to neutral walls, and instead, add splashes of colour through accessories such as pillows, cushions and throws.

Typically, to maintain the clean look, your accessories should predominantly reflect the neutral colour scheme to give the room a fluid blend, but a few coloured ones won't hurt, it will just intensify the space.

Accessories implement colour in an easy and effective way, and provides versatility, as they can be changed and replaced easily.




 Fuschia Linen Cushion

Pink Cushion

(Image: Pinterest)



Orange & Fuschia Fleece Throw

Pink & Orange Throw

(Image: Pinterest)


Even a bright picture or abstract painting for the wall is a stunning design opportunity.

Sometimes neutral walls need art to make the room eye-catching, and not make the ‘functional’ concept look obvious.

Art provides instant colour, and its dimensions bring a sense of texture, visual weight and a finishing touch to the room.

Better yet, you could even get a feature chair with practicable purpose that brings colour and style.



Red Armchair

SofaSofa's Austen Armchair in Flanders Raspberry



If you want to bring depth to the decor but keep it neutral without gold colour, you could just get different textures pieces of the same neutral hues.



Sofas, Rugs and Window Accessories for Your Minimalist Style


In a minimalist home, it’s not just about decluttering and hiding every object in sight, but your furnishing choices is what gives your home the desired minimalist look.

Sofas, rugs, flooring and window dressings are the main furnishings that pull the space together and really showcase minimalist style.

Below we’ve given you some of our favourite recommendations to get you started on your new minimalist home:



Stunning Sofas



The Amalfi

The Amalfi Sofa in Dove Grey

SofaSofa's Amalfi 3-Seater in Bali Dove Grey



Upholstered in a decadent basketweave chenille fabric, the Amalfi boasts a dominant yet humble presence with its boxy shape and neutral dove grey tone.

Its sharp and bold structure complements the minimalist design perfectly, giving it the clean-cut look that is to be achieved throughout a minimalist home.



The Jacob

Light Grey Sofa

SofaSofa's  Jacob 3-Seater in Victoria Light Grey



Jacob is a stylish, retro-inspired sofa that gives the room an abstract feel with an even louder personality.

Its design evokes the 60s & 70s unforgettable trends, and this old-time comeback will bring an eclectic style to a modern minimalist room.



The Austen

Taupe 2-Seater

SofaSofa's Austen 2-Seater in Flanders Taupe



The Austen is a statement of pure elegance, capable of injecting a burst of sophisticated-style in the home.

Its taupe tone, gorgeous curves and sumptuous brushed linen cotton offers a lavish and smooth-lined centrepiece, and is great for adding some extra shape to a minimalist.



The Marino

softgrain white 2_Seater

SofaSofa's Marino 2-Seater in Softgrain White



Light and bright, the Marino would melt into white walls, giving a heaven-like ambience whilst beautifully absorbing any sunlight that permeates the room.

Boasting a sumptuous soft grain leather, its light hue gives the illusion of broader space, and provides more scope for creativity and design styles for the room.

Even with neutral coloured walls, like stone or grey, the Marino will give the minimalist home a modern and sleek look.



Rich Rugs


Viscose Stripe Rug

Grey Striped Rug

 (Image: Pinterest)


The Viscose Stripe rug is visually stunning with its subtle stripes used by dyed yarns, and would look fabulous with wooden flooring.

It would grace the minimalist look with extra personality without overpowering the space, and would complement the Amalfi model perfectly.

The elegant strips will open up the dimensions of the room, giving the illusion of a wider space, and is a good option for a contemporary touch.




Multicoloured Stripe Rug

(Image: Pinterest)



With neutral hues, this multicoloured, hand-woven rug will provide a burst of accent colours to the room.

It is an easy way for those colour-cravers to implement colour whilst desiring to keep the rest of the decor neutral and pure-looking.

Halved does not do anything in halves; this beautiful rug is a powerful statement piece with timeless design, and is sure to keep your home on-trend and modern.



Welcoming Windows


As you already know, plain glass compromises privacy, and whilst you wouldn’t appreciate people gawping at you in your homes, you need to find the correct window dressing that doesn’t obstruct too much light.

For the windows, either blinds, shutters or rollers would be the ideal dressing to allow light to filter through the room whilst adding a touch of privacy.



Living Room with White Wooden ShuttersWhite Slatted Shutters - California Shutters



As the classic choice for home, you might prefer to install curtains.

Although they don’t reflect the minimalist design, light chiffon curtains would work perfectly, as its delicate material invites natural light and gives that airy cleanliness.



White Voile Panel

(Image: Pinterest)



Of course during the winter months, you’d want to use thick curtains to trap in the heat and keep your home warm.

However, you can still use neutral coloured curtains to maintain the minimalist appearance.



Grey Cotton Curtains

(Image: Pinterest)



Flawless Flooring (Materials)

Flooring flows through every room of your home and plays a major part in transforming its look.

There are many types of flooring that compliment a minimalist design, but it depends on what atmosphere you want to create in your home.

Ideally, flooring that is plain, seamless or natural have a deeper affect in achieving minimalist style as opposed to carpet or parquet flooring.



Natural Concrete


Polished Natural Concrete Laminate Tile Flooring - Leader Floors


Concrete adds an urban and industrial touch to the home.



Falquon High Gloss

White Gloss Tile

Falquon Flooring High Gloss - Leader Floors


High gloss flooring is shiny with a flawless look that emphasises cleanliness.



Solid Oak Wood

Solid Oak Flooring

Mystic River Brushed Solid Oak Flooring - Leader Floors



Wood textures reflect outdoor life and brings the aesthetics of nature indoors.

These flooring materials can also be used around the house for accessories or furnishings, and glass, steel and chrome are other common materials used in minimalist design.



The Appreciation of a Minimalist Home

So there you have it, some guidance on how to create a minimalist home.

We bet now it’s not as mundane as you thought it’d be!

With a minimalist home, you can save lots of money in the long run, as you won't bag every desirable piece of household item in sight.

Instead you’ll stick to the functional stuff!

It gives you the opportunity to appreciate and make the most of things that you already have, getting all your money’s worth.

When we have too much, our appreciation diminishes for the little things we possess.

But most importantly, minimalist provides the clean, spacious and stress-free environment that we all need.

Just remember, not only does it provide a stunning home, but a healthy lifestyle!

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