Our best selling Elgar design is now available in three different fabrics (Whateley, Linoso and Helena) and 19 different colourways. Piped scrolled arms, clean borders and ‘T’ shaped back cushions make the Elgar design a very popular model indeed. The Elgar sofa is available in two sizes and is complimented by a range of  three different chairs; a regular armchair, a tub chair and a swivel chair plus a footstool. 

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  1. Elgar 3 Seater Sofa
    Elgar 3 Seater Sofa


  2. Elgar Companion Chair
    Elgar Companion Chair


  3. Elgar 2 Seater Sofa
    Elgar 2 Seater Sofa


  4. Elgar Sofa Bed
    Elgar Sofa Bed


  5. Elgar Armchair
    Elgar Armchair


  6. Elgar Tub Chair
    Elgar Tub Chair


  7. Elgar Swivel Chair
    Elgar Swivel Chair


  8. Elgar Footstool
    Elgar Footstool


  9. Elgar Scatter Cushions
    Elgar Scatter Cushions


  10. Elgar Arm Caps (pair)
    Elgar Arm Caps (pair)


10 Items

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