Fabric Armchairs

Fabric Armchairs

A brilliant addition to the living room, bedroom or hallway, our beautiful fabric armchairs come in all shapes and colours.

Whether you are looking for a snuggly velvet armchair or a cosy slipper chair, you are guaranteed to find the right one for you.

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  1. Ludlow Highback Chair
    Ludlow Highback Chair

    Was £459 Sale £344

  2. Woburn Highback Chair
    Woburn Highback Chair

    Was £429 Sale £319

  3. Richmond Companion Chair
    Richmond Companion Chair

    Was £469 Sale £349

  4. Eve Armchair
    Eve Armchair

    Was £799 Sale £599

  5. Woburn Armchair
    Woburn Armchair

    Was £429 Sale £319

  6. Blenheim Armchair
    Blenheim Armchair

    Was £479 Sale £359

  7. Ava Armchair
    Ava Armchair

    Was £709 Sale £531

  8. Grosvenor Armchair
    Grosvenor Armchair

    Was £589 Sale £439

  9. Richmond Armchair
    Richmond Armchair

    Was £509 Sale £379

  10. Sophia Chair
    Sophia Chair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  11. Ludlow Armchair
    Ludlow Armchair

    Was £439 Sale £329

  12. Jacob Armchair
    Jacob Armchair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  13. Elton Single Unit
    Elton Single Unit

    Was £309 Sale £229

  14. Ella Armchair
    Ella Armchair

    Was £539 Sale £404

  15. Grosvenor Slipper Chair
    Grosvenor Slipper Chair

    Was £499 Sale £369

  16. Blenheim Highback Chair
    Blenheim Highback Chair

    Was £519 Sale £389

  17. Elgar Companion Chair
    Elgar Companion Chair

    Was £379 Sale £284

  18. Elgar Tub Chair
    Elgar Tub Chair

    Was £309 Sale £229

  19. Windsor Armchair
    Windsor Armchair

    Was £629 Sale £469

  20. Montana Armchair
    Montana Armchair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  21. Monaco Chair
    Monaco Chair

    Was £279 Sale £209

  22. Amelia Armchair
    Amelia Armchair

    Was £299 Sale £219

  23. Elgar Swivel Chair
    Elgar Swivel Chair

    Was £479 Sale £359

  24. Windsor Chaise Option 1
    Windsor Chaise Option 1

    Was £699 Sale £519

  25. Elgar Armchair
    Elgar Armchair

    Was £339 Sale £249

  26. Balmoral Armchair
    Balmoral Armchair

    Was £639 Sale £479

  27. Rio Armchair
    Rio Armchair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  28. Lucca Chair
    Lucca Chair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  29. Windsor Chaise Option 2
    Windsor Chaise Option 2

    Was £699 Sale £519

29 Items

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Our fabric armchairs don’t just look and feel good. They’re also built to last, made in the UK and come with a 5 year frame guarantee. So whether you choose traditional wool or modern linen, you can rest assured that your new armchair will give you many years of comfortable enjoyment.

Our fabric armchair range has been designed to perfectly complement our sofas but they are also ideal as stand-alone pieces around the home. This is where armchairs can really come to life as bold statement pieces in interesting stripes and patterns. For the hallway or bedroom be daring and choose bright colours and patterns to make a real style statement. And for the living room why not consider a coordinating patterned fabric to complement a plain sofa?