Versatile and practical, footstools are great for putting your feet on in comfort, supporting a laptop, the daily papers and of course the Friday night takeaway.

Whether you're looking for a traditional leather footstool or a comfy loose cover footstool our collection of stools, pouffes and ottomans come in a range of different shapes and sizes to coordinate perfectly with your sofa.
And with our practical storage stool you can conveniently store all the usual living room bits and bobs.

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  1. Windsor Footstool
    Windsor Footstool

    Was £229 Sale £169

  2. Florence Storage Stool
    Florence Storage Stool

    Was £269 Sale £201

  3. Elizabeth Benchstool
    Elizabeth Benchstool

    Was £319 Sale £239

  4. Malmo Leather Footstool
    Malmo Leather Footstool

    Was £229 Sale £171

  5. Bari Footstool
    Bari Footstool

    Was £139 Sale £99

  6. Darcy Footstool
    Darcy Footstool

    Was £389 Sale £289

  7. Madrid Footstool
    Madrid Footstool

    Was £109 Sale £79

  8. Blenheim Storage Stool
    Blenheim Storage Stool

    Was £189 Sale £129

  9. Marlow Leather Storage Stool
    Marlow Leather Storage Stool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  10. Portofino Footstool
    Portofino Footstool

    Was £219 Sale £159

  11. Mezzo Leather Footstool
    Mezzo Leather Footstool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  12. Mia Bench Footstool
    Mia Bench Footstool

    Was £199 Sale £149

  13. Montana Footstool
    Montana Footstool

    Was £139 Sale £99

  14. Brunello Footstool
    Brunello Footstool

    Was £139 Sale £99

  15. Monaco Footstool
    Monaco Footstool

    Was £119 Sale £89

  16. Grand Chesterfield Leather Footstool
    Grand Chesterfield Leather Footstool

    Was £369 Sale £279

  17. Ava Storage Stool
    Ava Storage Stool

    Was £319 Sale £219

  18. Marino Leather Footstool
    Marino Leather Footstool

    Was £499 Sale £369

  19. Palma Footstool
    Palma Footstool

    Was £109 Sale £79

  20. Hudson Footstool
    Hudson Footstool

    Was £309 Sale £231

  21. Charlotte Footstool
    Charlotte Footstool

    Was £149 Sale £109

  22. Wilmington Leather Storage Stool
    Wilmington Leather Storage Stool

    Was £429 Sale £299

  23. Marcie Oval Footstool
    Marcie Oval Footstool

    Was £239 Sale £169

  24. Canterbury Leather Footstool
    Canterbury Leather Footstool

    Was £249 Sale £186

  25. Rebecca Bench Stool
    Rebecca Bench Stool

    Was £199 Sale £149

  26. Regent Leather Footstool
    Regent Leather Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  27. Monk Leather Footstool
    Monk Leather Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £306

  28. Positano Footstool
    Positano Footstool

    Was £139 Sale £99

  29. Chelsea Button Footstool
    Chelsea Button Footstool

    Was £219 Sale £159

  30. Button Box Storage Stool
    Button Box Storage Stool

    Was £399 Sale £299

Items 1 to 30 of 86

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Available in leather or fabric options, in both traditional and contemporary designs, all our footstools are made in the UK and delivered direct from our factory to your home. Our designs range from large bench stools to small footstools and include several storage footstool options.

When the simple footstool is transformed into a storage stool all those stray magazines, board games, dvds and remote controls can finally find a home! Storage stools put an end to living room clutter in a moment.

Our fabric stools come in a wide variety of textures, patterns and colours to perfectly coordinate with your new sofa or chair. Each of our sofa designs has at least one coordinating footstool to create an exact design match so your new footstool will look right at home alongside your new sofas and chairs.