Premier Care Leather Protection

Five year cover against all spills, stains and accidental damage

Wine spilled on leather sofaWe are sure you’ll love your leather item for many years to come and that’s why we’d like to offer you our Premier Care Leather Protection. Premier Care Leather Protection insures you for five years against any accidental spills, rips, tears, burns or scratches. Should an accident happen, trained leather technicians are on hand to offer advice and repair/replace any affected items.

Available on all leather models, Premier Care Leather Protection comes with one complimentary leather cleaning kit per order. Extra leather cleaning kits are available at £25 each.

Leather protection prices:

All models
4 seater sofa/Grand sofa £115
3 seater sofa/Large sofa/Midi sofa £95
2 seater sofa/Love Seat £70
Modular sofa £145
Sofabed £95
Chair/Footstool £50

When adding leather protection to your new item, you agree that:

  • You have had access to the Terms and Conditions (which we will send to you 14 days following delivery of your furniture).
  • You have read and understood the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID).
  • The 'Insurance demands and needs statement' below meets your personal needs.
  • You are happy to access the 'Find out More' page and IPID online.

Your insurance demands and needs
This insurance policy will meet the demands of those who:

  • Wish to protect their furniture from the risks explained in the Insurance Product Information Document and understand this insurance falls outside the scope of our statutory or contractual obligations
  • Wish to protect their furniture for the duration of the policy knowing that you will not be required to pay a claim excess or affect any form of no claims bonus which may apply on a contents insurance policy
  • Understand the insurance provides specific cover for the furniture being purchased and is not a general maintenance contract