Neutral loose cover 3 seater sofa

In and out of fashion and trend magazines, loose cover sofas have seen a revival in recent years, and for good reason. With removable covers, you can easily clean and pop them into the washing machine, giving your sofa a fresh look in a matter of hours.

We take a look at why loose cover sofas are bucking the trend and how to care for them to keep your furniture looking fantastic. 

Why Choose a Loose Cover Sofa?

With fixed cover sofas, you have no option to change the fabric when it is stained or torn from heavy wear. The required professional re-upholstering is expensive and so is buying a new sofa.

With loose cover sofas, there are a range of advantages. You can quickly and easily replace the slipcovers without any skill or special tools. They simply have to be made to measure for your model of sofa. This makes them great for people with young children or pets or who do a lot of entertaining and are worried about wine spills or food stains.

 Grey loose cover 4 seater sofa

Albany 4 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

A New Look

Loose cover sofas aren’t just great because you can remove stains and spillages from the covers. We all know what it’s like to move house, paint a wall, or redecorate your home, and with it, a lot of our furniture either has to go or needs to be revamped to match the new style.

Loose cover sofas are so versatile that you can simply replace the old covers with a fresh look, from a new plain colour, floral designs, or trendy stripe fabric. It is a quick, easy, and cost-efficient way to add a touch of colour to your home. All you have to do is buy a new set of covers, replace them with the old and… Relax!

 Navy blue 3 seater loose cover sofa

Positano 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

Whether you are looking for a tight slipcover fit or the more casual loose fit, loose cover sofas come in a range of shapes, sizes, and fabrics. There is nothing to limit your creativity, and you are bound to find the perfect replacement covers for the look you are trying to achieve. You could even buy more sets so you can vary the look with every season!

 Red 3 seater loose cover sofa

Madrid 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

Golden Rules

There are two golden rules: Read the label before washing your loose covers, and do not tumble dry. Depending on the fabric of your removable covers, the label will give you the best instructions on how to wash and care for your type of fabric.

But before you pop your covers into the washing machine, there are a few simple care tips which help keep your sofa looking smart:

  • Rotate your cushion covers regularly to give an even wear

  • Vacuum clean your sofa regularly with the brush tool

  • Plump up back and seat cushions regularly so you always sit comfortably

  • Try to position your furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid fading colours

  • Use throws and blankets to protect your sofa, especially with pets, as these can be frequently washed

  • Consider using arm caps or arm pads to help protect the fabric from wear and tear

  • Try to remove stains as quickly as possible

 Loose cover furniture set from SofaSofa

Banbury 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa / Banbury Armchair / Banbury Footstool

Washing and Drying Your Loose Covers

Washing your covers will remove tough stains and help maintain that showroom look.

For cleaning instructions, just check the label sewn into your slipcovers. All of our loose cover fabrics can be machine washed at 30°C, indicated by the bucket symbol on the cleaning instructions label. To ensure an even colour match, you should wash all covers at the same time using colour friendly detergent. Top tip: Too much washing pales the colours.

Our fabrics allow for less than 3% shrinkage. Avoid tumble drying and ironing the covers as they may shrink too much and you may struggle to put the covers back onto the sofa. We recommend to let the covers air dry. Once dry, you can refit the covers back onto the sofa as they have recovered their original shape and should fit snugly onto the sofa frame.

If you are unsure how to wash or dry your loose covers, you can give us a call on 01495 244226, and we'd be happy to suggest the best care method for your fabric and sofa.

 Blue striped 3 seater loose cover sofa

Newport Stripe 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa


Families with younger children and pet lovers have had a long love affair with loose cover sofas for many years already, and they know, they aren’t just practical, but also super cosy and comfortable, too. With these benefits, loose cover sofas have become more popular with students, millennials, and first time buyers who are looking for their first sofa to be easy to care for, stylish, and versatile.

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