About our sofas

Handcrafted Great British Sofas direct from the Manufacturer

 The foundation of a good sofa starts with a good solid frame, and we make all our own frames using birch or beech hardwood milled and assembled at our dedicated saw mill in South Wales. These hardwood frames are then transported to one of our three upholstery workshops nearby to begin their transformation into sumptuous sofas or comfy chairs. 

We have been manufacturing furniture in South Wales since 1981 and many of our 200 staff have been with us for over 25 years, honing their sofa making skills over decades. We are now blessed with a highly skilled team of sofa makers vastly experienced in making the most comfortable and stylish furniture on the planet!

Unlike the majority of furniture sold in the UK today we refuse to supply cheap imported furniture but rather continue to manufacture in the UK, thereby ensuring the highest standard of workmanship and quality control. By manufacturing in-house we maintain a strict control over parts and workmanship and also minimise environmental impact.

All our models are stringently prototyped and tested to pass all relevant British Standards for General Domestic Use, and comply with current Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations. In addition, all fabrics and interiors are painstakingly sourced with durability and comfort in mind, and pass independent British Standard tests (BS 2543) before we authorise them for sale.

We are so confident in the quality of our sofas and chairs that we not only guarantee all materials and construction for 2 years but we also provide a 5 year warranty on all our hardwood frames as standard. Take a look at our sofa guarantees that come as standard with your new sofa.