Fabric protection


The arrival of a new sofa or chair is an exciting time. As with all new purchases, we all would like our new furniture to remain in pristine condition for as long as possible. But of course accidents do happen, particularly when it comes to eating and drinking whilst relaxing on a lovely new sofa.

So in order to help protect against accidental spills becoming permanent stains we are pleased to offer our highly effective stain protection treatment, available on all our fabric and leather designs. For only £60 a sofa and £30 a chair our stain protection treatment will be applied to your fabric or leather furniture prior to delivery to your home. The treatment creates an invisible, odourless protective layer which will greatly reduce the chance of spills becoming permanent stains and is effective on both our fixed and loose cover models. 

Every order with stain protection treatment includes one free cleaning kit for emergency cleaning and removal of stains which will be delivered with your furniture*. So you can relax and enjoy your new furniture in the knowledge that an unfortunate spillage is less likely to become a permanent stain.

Modular £90
Sofa £60
Chair £30
Stool £20
Arm caps (pair) £5
Scatter Cushion £5

*A free cleaning kit is provided with every stain protection order except orders for single stools, arm caps, arm pads or scatter cushions. The free cleaning kit applies to the "Stain Protection Treatment" purchased from January 2020.