About Our Leathers


50km east of Verona on the road to Venice lies the small industrial town of Arzignano.  Whilst it may not be as well-known as its Shakespearian neighbours, Arzignano is justifiably proud of its leather tanning heritage and specifically its reputation for producing the finest furniture leathers in the world.  It is here that we source all our leather hides.

We only select full Top Grain hides of exceptions quality from two particular tanneries.  No bottom splits, composites or synthetic hides are used in our furniture.


A high quality semi-aniline leather and when stretched, the top coat moves to reveal the lighter base cloth underneath.  The effect achieved is that of a two-tone aged finish, full of character.  This is a natural leather in appearance and all natural markings are clearly visible.

Our saddle leather is available on our MarinoMezzo and Scala collections.

Available in two colours, order samples here.



Finished with a pigmented topcoat and embossed with an artificial grain pattern, virtually all natural markings and characteristics are hidden. This hard wearing leather makes a great choice for busy households and will stand up to more robust use.

Our Softgrain leather is available on Amelia, HamptonMalmo, Marino, Mezzo, Poppy and Scala collections. 

Available in eight colours, order samples here.



A robust, classic leather synonymous with Gentlemen’s Clubs and Grand Hotels.  Once upholstered, our antique leather is rubbed back and resealed in specific areas to create an aged, antique appearance.  The antique leather will continue to develop its aged patina over time.

Our Antique leather is available on our Chesterfield, Marlow, Monk, Regent, Senator and Victoria collections. 

Available in five colours, order samples here.



Less formal than the antique, our vintage leather lends a softer, matt appearance to classic pieces.  Each hide displays the natural blemishes and inherent scars of the animal as well as tonal shade variations.  This retro leather has a waxy, distressed appearance and lightens in colour in areas where stretched in upholstery and use.

Our Vintage leather is available on our Aspen, Burlington, Burton, Cambridge, Darcy, Earl, FlorenceGrand Chesterfield. Hudson, Lincoln, Taylor and Wilmington collections.

Vintage is available in six colours, order samples here.



Milton is a two-tone textured, soft handle leather which features a tipping effect that highlights the peaks of the grain.  It has a clean and polished appearance making it the perfect choice of modern contemporary upholstery.

Our Milton leather is available on Aspen, Chesterfield, Darcy, EarlGrand Chesterfield, Hudson and Lincoln collections.

Milton is available in five colours, order samples here.