How To Fit Your New Covers

Buying a sofa with fully removable covers means you can wash them at home or put on a new set when you fancy a change of colour.  We know it can be tricky the first time so we've created this 5 step guide to help you.  We're always available to chat on the phone, webchat or email so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or have any questions.

Step 1: Loosely position the main frame cover over the back corners of the frame.

Step 2: Position the cover loosely over each arm.  Stand in front of the sofa and pull the fabric tightly over and down the front of each arm.  Once this is done, stand at the back of the sofa and do the same.  You should find that the seam runs along the length and top edge of the sofa frame.

Step 3: Some models have a velcro opening at the back.  This needs to be fastened together from top to bottom.

Step 4: Standing in front of the sofa, take any excess fabric and tuck it down the side of the seating area, back corners and along the back edge.  This should leave the covers neat and tidy and the valance draped at the correct length off the floor.

Step 5: Fit the cushion covers by placing the cushions into the corners opposite the zips and adjusting until the fit is snug.  You should be able to push the cushion into the cover slightly to give you enough room to be able to close the zip.

The cover may require a little adjustment here and there but you'll be a sofa cover expert in no time.